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Last updated - May 14, 2020

A lot of WooCommerce store owners out there won’t be experts in coding and development. So regular maintenance of your WordPress site and WooCommerce functionalities can be a challenging task for you. Often, you might be investing in one-time support services from WordPress experts to deal with specific tasks or issues. It would be a really good prospect if there is someone who will monitor your site round the clock, and fix issues even before you recognize them. In this review, we will introduce you to WP Buffs, a top notch WordPress WooCommerce Maintenance Services provider. Learn more about the specific services of WP Buffs, and understand how their customers achieved greater growth rate.

More about WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a global team of WordPress experts who offers WordPress maintenance and management services. The services include ensuring superior site performance, flawless security, regular backups and periodic updates. As they are a team spread across the globe, you will be able to get round the clock support, irrespective of your location.


Let us take a look at some of the standout features of WP Buffs.

Access to an expert team round the clock

When you opt for WP Buffs, you will get access to an expert WordPress team 24/7. This means, if you face any trouble with your WordPress site at any point, you will get immediate help.

Ensure your site’s security

The security of your site is one of your primary concerns if you are a WordPress site owner. Your plan with WP Buffs offers the premium security plugin, Security Pro, in collaboration with iThemes. It offers features like real time monitoring, daily malware scan, cloud backups, database protection, and a lot more. Take a look at some of the best WordPress security plugins here.

Optimize the speed of your website

As you know, the speed of your website plays a major role in customer experience and search engine optimization. WP Buffs makes sure there is no compromise in this regard by offering you copies of WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro plugins. These plugins together will ensure several aspects of your website related to speed such as image optimization, minification of JavaScript and CSS, browser caching, etc. Understand more about improving your site performance and speed here.

Constant monitoring

The WP Buffs team will be monitoring your site round the clock. If your site is down, they guarantee to spot it within 60 seconds.

Regular updates

WP Buffs will be updating your WordPress core files, themes and plugins on a weekly basis. This is an important aspect of your website maintenance that often takes a backseat due to other business priorities. Learn more about the importance of regular update of WordPress sites here.

Advanced support for WooCommerce

As you know, WooCommerce offers great customization options, where you can set up advanced functionalities with the help of several additional plugins and code snippets. However, if you are not a coding expert yourself, customizations can be a challenge to maintain. Dedicated service from experts will make sure that your site and its functionalities work smoothly at all times.


If you are entrusting a third party to maintain and manage your website, it is important that you keep an eye on the changes that are made. The reports that you get from WP Buffs ensures that you will have a clear idea of all the changes made on your site with the respective time points.

Perform Plan Pro – Ideal for WooCommerce stores

WP Buffs offers several pricing plans for WordPress sites. The recommended option for WooCommerce stores is the “Perform Plan Pro“, which offers a great range of features. The feature list includes round the clock, unlimited website edits, weekly theme and plugin updates, cloud backups four times daily, priority support, and more. When billed yearly, the Perform Plan Pro is priced at $120 per month. You will also find a Perform Plan at $80 per month, and a Maintain Plan at $40 per month.

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Partnerships with design agencies, marketing firms and freelancers for WordPress Support and Maintenance.

WP Buffs offers partnerships with several different entities in the WordPress ecosystem. This means design and marketing agencies, and even freelancers can make use of the partnership for regular maintenance of their clients’ websites. Such companies can make use of the services of WP Buffs as a ‘behind the scenes’ technical partner.

Let us quickly see how the White-label program works

  1. You can sell the plans listed on the pricing plans of WP Buff, and when customers sign up, they will get the support of WP Buffs indirectly.
  2. WP Buffs experts will work on your clients’ website as if the service is directly coming from you.
  3. A great way to ensure the best service for your clients, without going through the hassles of offering good quality service consistently.
  4. As a partner, you will get access to WP Buffs email automation, as well as free eBooks.
  5. You will get significant discounts for all the pricing plans. The financial advantage will be that you will be able to sell the plan at a higher rate and earn considerable returns.

How opting for a WP Buffs Plan could help you?

If you are managing a WooCommerce store, chances are high that you would want to focus more on the store strategy than website maintenance. And, WooCommerce offers plenty of options to customize and there will be several scenarios where you need to focus on website maintenance. All such instances will be taken care of by WP Buffs, with their several options to help you manage your WordPress / WooCommerce site without hassles. If you are a WooCommerce store owner, who doesn’t have the time or expertise for regular site maintenance, look no further than WP Buffs.

For WooCommerce store owners, the best option would be the ‘Perform Plan Pro‘. Don’t forget to use the exclusive discount coupon for LearnWoo users while opting for this plan.

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